Copying Content to a New Shell

Purpose Statement:  
This work instruction shows users how to copy courses from one to another in Blackboard. Content can be reused from semester-to-semester, it only needs to be copied to the new semester’s shell. This document assumes that the user is logged into Blackboard and inside of a course shell.

  1. From the Course Management menu, look for the Control Panel, click the Packages and Utilities link.

  2. From the Packages and Utilities menu, click the Copy Course link.

    The Copy Course page displays.

  3. From the Select Copy Type drop-down menu, select the Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course option.

  4. From the Select Copy Options section, click the Browse button.

    The Courses window displays.

  5. Click to select radio button of the course to which the content will be copied.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only copy content to one course at a time. To copy the content to more than one course, the process must be repeated.

  6.  Click the Submit button to confirm the course selection. 

    The Copy Course page displays and the Destination Course ID field is populated with the Course ID of the selected course.

  7.  From the Select Course Materials section, click the Select All button

    IMPORTANT NOTE: All of the necessary checkboxes needed for a successful copy are selected. No additional checkboxes require selection.

  8. DO NOT make any changes to the File Attachments section.

  9. DO NOT select the Include Enrollments in the Copy checkbox. If this checkbox is selected, all enrolled students will be copied to the new shell.

  10.  Click the Submit button. A confirmation will be emailed. 

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Please allow up to 12 hours for the copy to be successful. While this amount of time may not be needed, it will ensure that all content is properly copied.