Creating Assignments

Purpose Statement:  
This work instruction shows users how to create an assignment in Blackboard. Assignments are used for students to submit written assignments. This document assumes that the user is logged into Blackboard, inside of a course shell, and in a content area.

1. Click the course you wish to edit. In this case it is Week 1 


2. Hover the mouse over the Assessments button.

The Assessments menu displays.

3. Click the Assignment link.

The Create Assignment screen displays.

4. In the Name and Color field, enter a name for the item. This is a required field.

    - If desired, click the drop-down menu to modify the text color of the name.

5.  In the Instructions field, enter the instructions for the item.

6. If desired, files can be attached to the assignment by clicking either the Browse My Computer or Browse Course buttons.

7. In the Points Possible field, enter the number of points for the assignment. This is a required field.

8. If desired, modify the Number of Attempts by selecting the desired radio button.

9. If desired, modify the Limit Availability settings to set Display After and Display Until dates.

10. If desired, click to select the Track Number of Views to see how many times the assignment is accessed by students.

11. If desired, add a Due Date to the assignment.

12. If applicable, modify the Recipients section if the assignment is designed for group submission.
13. Click the Submit button. The assignment displays at the bottom of the content area.