Creating a Custom Grade Center Column

Purpose Statement:  
Creating a custom column in the Blackboard Grade Center is a very easy process and provides flexibility for using the Blackboard Grade Center with traditional courses. This document assumes that users are logged in to Blackboard and in a course.

1. From the Control Panel, click Grade Center. The Grade Center menu displays. 

2. From the Grade Center menu, click Full Grade Center. The Full Grade Center displays. 

3. Click the Create Column button. The Create Grade Column page displays.

4.  In the Column Name field, enter a name for the column. This is the display name for the column.

5. If desired, in the Grade Center Name field, enter an optional column name. This is optional.

6. If desired, in the Description field, enter a description of the column.

From the Primary Display drop-down, select the primary display for the column. Choices include Score, Percentage, Letter, and Complete/Incomplete.

If desired, from the Secondary Display drop-down menu, select a secondary display for the column. Choices include Percentage, Letter, and Complete/Incomplete.

In the Points Possible field, enter the total number of points for the column. This is a required field.

If desired, click the Add Rubric button to associate a rubric to the column.

If desired, in the Due Date field, select a date and time. It is recommended not to use a due date

To Include this Column in Grade Center Calculations, click to select the Yes radio button

To Show this Column to Students, click to select the Yes radio button

To Show Statistics for this Column to Students in My Grades, click to select the Yes radio button.

Click the Submit button. The custom column is created and placed as the last column in the Grade Center.