Faculty Support For Blackboard

Faculty Support For Blackboard
        Browser Plugins
        Changing Your Blackboard                       Password
        Copying Content to a New Shell
        Creating Content
                Adding a File to Your Blackboard                  Course
                Creating a Custom Grade                            Center Column
                Creating a Discussion Forum
                Creating a SafeAssignment
                Creating Assignments
                Creating Hyperlinks
                Creating New Content Areas
                Creating New Content Items
                Creating Tool Links
                Creating Turnitin Assignments
        Creating narrated presentations in          PPT 2010
        Creating narrated presentations in          PPT 2013
        Creating Your Blackboard Profile
        Exporting a Test from Blackboard
        Hiding Older Courses from the                  Current and Historical Courses                Modules
        Importing a Publisher's Course                Cartridge
        Importing a Test to Blackboard
        Logging In To Blackboard
        Making Courses Available to                    Students
        Making Courses Unavailable to                Students
        Posting information
        Removing Students from                          Blackboard Courses
        Responding to a Student in a                    Discussion
        Setting Up LockDown Browser
        Setting Up Weighted Grading
        Technical Support for Blackboard
        Using Blackboard's Video                          Anywhere for Lectures or Video                Discussion Responses
        Using the Forgot Your Password              Link
        Using the Youtube Mashup Tool
Creating Hyperlinks

Purpose Statement:  
This work instruction shows users how to create links to external websites in Blackboard. Creating links, or URLs, is another way to bring additional material and perspective to each week’s content. This document assumes that the user is logged into Blackboard and inside of a course shell.

1. Click the course you wish to edit. In this case it is Week 1 


2. Hover the mouse over the Build Content button.

     The Build Content menu displays.

3. From the second section of the Create column, click the Web Link link.

     The Create Web Link page displays.

4. In the Name field, enter a name for the link. This is a required field.

5. In the URL field, paste or enter the website address for the site to which the link is being created.

  • If desired, enter a description of the website in the Attachments section.
  • If desired, attach a file to the URL content item by clicking the Browse My Computer button in the Attachments section.

6. From the Web Link Options section, click to select the Yes radio button for the Open in New Window option. Selecting this option will ensure that the link opens properly.

  • Ensure that the Permit Users to View this Content radio button is set to Yes if you want student to have the ability to view the URL. Otherwise, select No.
  • To track the number of times the URL content item is used, click to select the Yes radio button for the Track Number of Views option.
  • Use the Select Date and Time Restrictions options to make the URL content item available and unavailable on the dates and times specified.

7.   Click the Submit button. The URL content item is successfully created.