Creating a SafeAssignment

Purpose Statement:  
This work instruction shows users how to create a SafeAssignment in Blackboard. A SafeAssignment checks the students’ paper against a database to verify that the submission has not been plagiarized. This document assumes that the user is logged into Blackboard and inside of a course shell.

1. Click the course you wish to edit. In this case it is Week 1 

2. Hover the mouse over the Assessments button. The Assessment menu will display.

3. From the Assessments menu, click the SafeAssignment link.

The Add SafeAssignment page displays.

4. In the Name field, enter a name for the SafeAssignment. This is a required field.

5. In the Points Possible field, enter the number of points the SafeAssignment is worth. This is a required field.

6. Ensure that the Make the assessment available radio button is set to Yes. Date restrictions can be used to hide the SafeAssignment from student view.

5. If desired, click to select the Track Number of View checkbox.

6. If desired, set display dates using the Availability Dates option.

7. Click to select the Draft checkbox if students are permitted to submit drafts to check for plagiarism.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the Draft checkbox is selected, a separate SafeAssignment must be created for students to submit a final version.
8. Click to select the Urgent Checking checkbox if papers should be checked immediately.

9. If students are permitted to view the SafeAssignment reports, ensure that the Student Viewable radio button is set to Yes.

10. If desired, complete the Optional Announcement section to automatically post an announcement regarding the SafeAssignment.

1. Click the Submit button.The SafeAssignment is successfully created.