Grading Tests

Purpose Statement:  
The purpose of this document is to walk the viewer through the process of grading a Test or Quiz in Blackboard.

  1. The first step is to access the Grade Center.  Starting at the Home Page from within the course, Access the Grade Center tab from the Course Management Control Panel.  This is located just below the main course menu on the left hand side of the screen. Click on “Full Grade Center” in order to enter.

  2. The following picture represents a view of the grade center. This Yellow Exclamation Symbol informs the instructor that there is an item in this assignment that requires grading.

  3. When you Mouse Over, or place your mouse in the cell with the and small icon appears on the right side of the cell.  This is called a Chevron, and it will activate a menu as shown below:

  4. In order to begin grading the discussion, simply click on the item labeled “Attempt 8/19/14".

  5. Once you have opened the “Attempt 8/19/14” shown below, you will find a list of test questions:
    1. Objective questions will be scored by the computer.
    2. Short Answer and Essay Questions require the instructor to grade.

  6. In order to actually grade the a short answer or essay question, the instructor must:
    1. Simply click in the points box to assignment a point grade.
    2. A feedback text box is open for detailed feedback if necessary. This can be left blank, and it is at the sole discretion of the instructor to use.

  7. Once you have completed you grading, please remember to hit the SUBMIT button  to preserve your work.