Importing a Publisher's Course Cartridge

Importing a Publisher's Course Cartridge

Purpose Statement:  
This procedural document is designed to show faculty how to import a publisher's course cartridge. If a publisher sends you a course cartridge code, this is the procedure that should be followed to ensure that it is imported correctly. This document assumes that the user is logged into Blackboard, and inside of a course shell.

1. From the Control Panel, click the Packages and Utilities menu.

    Step 1

2. From the Packages and Utilities menu, click Import Course Cartridge

3. In the Enter a Course Cartridge Download Key field, enter the cartridge code provided by the publisher. 


4. Click the Submit button. A message will be sent to you when the cartridge is finished importing.

5. Upon receiving the success message, access your course and the publisher's content will be available in your course.