Faculty Support For Blackboard

Faculty Support For Blackboard
        Browser Plugins
        Changing Your Blackboard                       Password
        Copying Content to a New Shell
        Creating Content
        Creating narrated presentations in          PPT 2010
        Creating narrated presentations in          PPT 2013
        Creating Your Blackboard Profile
        Exporting a Test from Blackboard
        Hiding Older Courses from the                  Current and Historical Courses                Modules
        Importing a Publisher's Course                Cartridge
        Importing a Test to Blackboard
        Logging In To Blackboard
        Making Courses Available to                    Students
        Making Courses Unavailable to                Students
        Posting information
        Removing Students from                          Blackboard Courses
        Responding to a Student in a                    Discussion
        Setting Up LockDown Browser
        Setting Up Weighted Grading
        Technical Support for Blackboard
        Using Blackboard's Video                          Anywhere for Lectures or Video                Discussion Responses
        Using the Forgot Your Password              Link
        Using the Youtube Mashup Tool
Logging In To Blackboard

This work instruction shows users how to access the RMU Blackboard website and log in.

  1. Open a web browser.

    NOTE: The preferred browser is Google Chrome. It can be downloaded from http://www.google.com/chrome

  2. In the Address Bar, enter rmu.blackboard.com.

    NOTE: Do not precede the web address with www.

  3. Click the Log in with SSO button. The Single Sign-On page displays.

  4. Enter your RMU Username and Password. This login is the same that is used to access your Gmail account.

  5. Click the Sign In button. The Blackboard Home Page displays.