Assigning Categories to Grade Center Columns

Purpose Statement:  
After creating custom categories, instructors can assign the categories to the Grade Center columns to which they apply. This is the second step in creating a weighted column. This document assumes that the instructor is logged in to Blackboard and in a course.

1. From the Control Panel, click Grade Center. The Grade Center menu displays.

From the Grade Center menu, click Full Grade CenterThe Full Grade Center displays.

Hover the mouse over the column to be modified. In this example it is the Final Paper column.

Click the drop-down arrow to access the Column menu. The Column menu displays.

Click the Edit Column Information link. The Edit Column page displays.

Scroll down to the Category drop-down menu.

Click the Category drop-down menu. The Category menu displays.

Click to select the new category. In this example, Final Paper was selected.

Click the Submit button. The column is updated to reflect the change in category.