Creating a Weighted Grade Center Column

Purpose Statement:  
After creating categories and assigning them to the Grade Center columns, it is time to create the weighted column. Every Blackboard Grade Center already includes a weighted column, so this document shows how to edit the existing weighted column. This document assumes the instructor is logged in to Blackboard and in a course.

1. From the Control Panel, click Grade Center. The Grade Center menu displays. 

From the Grade Center menu, click Full Grade CenterThe Full Grade Center displays.

Hover the mouse over the Weighted Total column

Click the drop-down arrow to access the Column menu. The Column menu displays.

Click the Edit Column Information link. The Edit Weighted Column page displays.

From the Primary Display drop-down menu, click to select Score.

From the Secondary Display drop-down menu, click to select Percentage.

Scroll to the Select Columns section. This is where the weighting is set. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Weighted columns can be weighted by individual column or by category. The easiest way to weight grading is by category because it takes into account all columns with the category designation.  For the purpose of this document, the process for weighting by category will be shown.

From the Categories to Select section, click to select the categories to be used.

Click the right-facing arrow to move the selected categories to the Selected Columns section. The selected categories display in the Selected Columns section. 

For each selected category, in the % Category field, place the numeric value of the percentage. For this document, Assignments are 40%, Discussions are 35%, and the Final Paper is 25%.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All percentages entered must add up to 100%.

For each selected category, click to select either the Equally or Proportionally radio button. This tells Blackboard how to weight the column.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To apply equal value to all columns within a category, ensure that Equally is selected. To apply the appropriate value to a column based on its points compared to the other columns in the category, ensure that Proportionally is selected.

Click to select either the Drop Grades or Use only the radio buttons, depending on how you want the final grade weighted.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Drop Grades removes a number of either the highest or lowest grades for each category from the calculation. If you do not type numbers in the boxes, no grades are dropped. Use only the Lowest -OR- Highest Value to Calculate removes all grades from the calculation except for the best or worst score.

If the Total Weight is equal to 100%, click the Submit button. The weighted column is updated and will display the weighted grade to students.

For additional assistance on Grade Center columns, please visit the following site: Blackboard 9.1 SP14 Grade Center Columns