Using the YouTube Mashup Tool

Purpose Statement:  
This work instruction shows users how to integrate YouTube videos into Blackboard courses using the YouTube Mashup tool. This document assumes that the user is logged into Blackboard and inside of a course shell.

  1. Hover the mouse over the Build Content button.

    The Build Content menu displays.

  2. From the Mashups section of the second column, click the YouTube Video link.

    The Search for a YouTube Video page displays.

  3. In the Search field, enter a one or two word description of the video.

    NOTE: Use the other search options to narrow the results of the search.

  4. Click the Go button.

    The search results display.

  5. To preview the video, click the Preview button for the video to be previewed.

  6. Click the Select button for the video to be selected.

    The Create Mashup Item page displays.

  7. If desired, in the Name field, change the name of the item.

  8. If desired, in the Description field, add a description of the video.

  9. In the Mashup Options section, accept all defaults.

  10. If desired, from the Attach or Link Content section, attach a file to the item.

  11. From the Options section, accept all defaults.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: All defaults do not have to be accepted if restrictions must be placed on the item.

  12. Click the Submit button. The YouTube Video Mashup item is successfully created.